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Unite and help each other when in need to survive.

Survival is overcoming and facing enduring circumstances or situations that challenge us, make us to persevere through hardships and downturns in our lives. Some of us are facing economic hardships, health problems have taken toll on some, some are affected by natural calamities, all these unpredictable events makes all of us to have SURVIVAL skills to emerge as a winner in the end. We all need to help each other to stay fit, stay healthy and be human by our association, cooperation and coordination.

When an iron nail is dropped in a pond of water it sinks. While the same iron when transformed into a ship sails as far as the human mind can imagine. The same applies to all of us. By looking for each other, helping each other we are building a community ship. With this many people who are not capable now may SURVIVE in their bad times and in future help build our community stronger and better with their experience and know­how. Mahatma Gandhi once said – “If I have the belief I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning”. Through our efforts we need to instil belief in others, let them know that they are important, we do care for them and they are capable to overcome anything and everything. With this leap of faith, we may save numerous lives of people who are currently depressed and downtrodden and have lost all their hope to be able to SURVIVE.

With this same vision, we at Videsi Community have been helping people to SURVIVE who are battling with blood cancer through our Save­A­Life campaign. It is a life­threatening and time critical situation for them. The best possible way for these people to SURVIVE is to find marrow match within the people of our community. To help them we conduct marrow donor registration drives in US as well as India to on board people who are willing to donate marrow.

Let’s unite and fight for our SURVIVAL. Let’s struggle and strive for betterment of every person in our community. Let’s be empathetic and helpful. Let’s make this world a better place for everyone to live a happy and peaceful life.


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