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Patients looking for marrow match

Kethan Kumar

 10 years old needs a Marrow Match

Kethan Kumar was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2006 at the age of 4. He underwent 3 years and 2 months of chemotherapy, but unfortunately relapsed 6 months later. He had to endure 2 more years of more intense chemotherapy. Sadly, the more intense chemo could not get rid of his leukemia. Two months after completing his 2nd round of treatment, he relapsed again. It is imperative now for Kethan to find a Marrow Match. He is currently receiving chemotherapy to help him achieve remission. Kethan lives in Austin and currently undergoing treatment in Houston. Kethan is an avid reader, and loves art. He wants to be a movie director when he grows up. His favorite director is Tim Burton.

Phani Dasari

 42 years old needs a Marrow Match

Phani Dasari (42), a father of two young children and a family person. Recently, Phani was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - a serious life threatening bone marrow disease and currently undergoing treatments. Phani says, he has lot of confidence in the community in finding a matched donor. He needs your help now!


 42 years old needs a Marrow Match

Satyin, 42 years young, was diagnosed with a fatal blood disease called MDS (Myelodysplasia). He is a loving son, brother (with two siblings in India), husband, devoted father of two young children age 9 and 7, and friend to many in his community. He is now in need of a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant to treat and possibly cure his fatal blood cancer. Satyin's family and friends are asking any and all caring and compassionate individuals to take a moment to have a test done to determine if they might be a possible match for Satyin, Kethan and many other patients with similar life-threatening diseases. Initially, all it takes is completing a donor consent form and a cheek swab test to join the Be The Match Registry.


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