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ILLUMINATE self and illuminate others to thrive lives

Our Community

It is always wise to give back a portion of what we receive. This not only illuminates one’s own self but illuminates other’s lives too. Giving back what we receive is a wonderful expression of gratitude, joy and harmony. Illuminate is not merely a word; it is a way of living life. Just imagine how many lives we can touch and heal by sharing our experience and journey with others who have encountered same problems and challenges as us! Everyone works towards making one’s life calm and peaceful to attain an internal state of harmony but illuminating others is the best stress reliever.

In today’s stressful and busy world, sometimes a genuine information, advice or experience can work wonders. It might not cost anything for the person giving it but for the other person, it can be life changing and Illuminate his life with happiness and joy. One who is sharing any information and advice gets unmeasured bliss by being the cause of something good and the experience becomes self­ illuminating as well as illuminating others. There is nothing more motivational and encouraging than being the reason or source of some one’s happiness. Illumination gives us a sense of essential unity and sheer bliss.

Illumination gives us the ‘why’ of life. Illumination is a self­realizing experience out of sheer bliss and divinity which makes us capable of helping people with whom we identify. Many a times, we try to find a larger goal and meaning to our lives. Seldom do we realize that utmost pleasure and bliss is hidden in helping others and working for the greater good of the community we belong to. Illuminating others life in a simple yet useful manner which can help us to achieve this greater goal of our lives. Illumination thus, can be an experience in itself and the state of utmost bliss we strive to achieve.

One of the greatest saints and philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas once said, “Better to illuminate than merely to shine to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.” It is therefore, illuminating to share with others what we have learnt and gained than merely to keep it to one’s self. People from the same community share same roots and therefore, it binds all of us together. Working, sharing and mutually benefitting from each other will not only illuminate an individual but the whole community. Illumination in everyone’s life through mutual cooperation and connect will help the community evolve and achieve cosmic illumination.

Learning about your disease
Read more about your disease, including symptoms, how transplant is used to treat your disease and survival outcomes.

Considering transplant & other treatment options 
Learn about bone marrow transplant and other treatment options. Including symptoms, how transplant Get tips for talking with your doctor and learn what to consider when making treatment decisions.

Finding a donor
The search for a donor takes time so it’s good to have your doctor start a search as soon as possible. Read more about the steps of the search process and how matches are made.

Getting a transplant
If you know you are having a transplant , learn about choosing a transplant center, planning for a transplant, what a transplant is and what to expect during the process.

Life after transplant
Your life after transplant will bring new challenges and triumphs. Get the tips and resources you need to help you and your family adjust to life after transplant.

Life after transplant
If you’re planning for your child’s transplant, learn about what to do to get ready and how you can prepare your entire family for the ljourney ahead.

Caregivers and transplant
Caregivers play an important role in a patient’s health care and recovery. Learn what you’ll need to do in your caregiver, role and the importance of taking care of yourself.

Support and resources
We are here to help all patients before, during and after transplant. Find educational resources and support programs that fit your situation, all provided at no cost to you.


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