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We ENCOURAGE to keep, preserve, revive our culture and traditions.

Encouraging Indians living abroad to stay connected with Indian Culture and Traditions. Our Indian culture teaches us to help everyone who is in need. It teaches us to live in a friendly manner. It teaches us to understand our responsibilities for our seniors and juniors. It teaches us to respect everyone around us. It teaches us to love everyone around us. It teaches us to throw away the Hate factor. It teaches us to stay connected with people of all religions to spread the message of love and humanity. It teaches us to enjoy every festival as a family despite the caste factor, society factor, community factor, and religion factor. It teaches us live the life to the fullest by understanding only a few things, which are your Karma, Indian Culture, and Traditions. We at Videsi Community ENCOURAGE people to preserve our beautiful culture, revive it, and feel it so that we do not see INHUMAN cases in our society and in our Country. We encourage people and request them to encourage more people around them to follow the simple MANTRA of living a life, which is “Live a peaceful life full of Love and Happiness and let others live the same way.It is our goal to revive the importance of our culture and traditions in the community. It is our aim to spread the SWEETNESS of Indian culture, love, and traditions all over the world where our community living.


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