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Devotion is just another way of expressing love and gratitude towards our community.

Community is essential to all human beings. People need to be able to rely on others. Togetherness gives us the confidence to achieve bigger and better things in our life. Whatever we have achieved in our life is through our community. The language we speak, the food we eat, our values, our morals are all product of our community life. DEVOTION of our resources towards our community thus becomes imperative. To earn livelihood we have settled in foreign countries away from our motherland. In this situation we all are in the same boat. We should help our fellow community persons to excel and succeed in their endeavours. Sharing our knowledge and experience is simplest yet effective way of thanking others for all their support, trust and care we have received from them knowingly or unknowingly over the years.

Today’s hectic lifestyle has complicated lives of all. We come across many situations, many problems as well as many solutions. If we DEVOTE our experience, our knowing, our time to our fellow beings we are helping them to get over their obstacles and be more confident and peaceful. All of this sharing and caring makes us even more happy, peaceful and serene. We should live to love and contribute in all possible ways to our shared beliefs. DEVOTION brings sense of belongingness, unity and thus integrates the fragmented community into a more happy, caring and loving group. Our purpose of life should be to make our community better with each passing day by putting in all the effort which we can. Every available opportunity should hence be utilised and channelized in making our community blossom in all spheres. We should take pride in being member of our community and henceforth works towards its prosperity.

Nicholas Sparks said “Love is sustained by action, a pattern of DEVOTION in the things we do for each other”. When an individual is DEVOTED to well­being of all, has true love towards people, all the positive powers of the universe help him achieve what he/she is devoted to. Devotion grows and matures with time. Let’s pledge today to DEVOTE some time, some energy for the betterment of our community, for being the agent of happiness, love and care for the people of our community by contributing a portion of our whole self.


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